Leading OPD Instruments Suppliers in India

Leading OPD Instruments Suppliers in India

Avishkar International Pvt. Ltd is an accomplished private company located in Mumbai. They came into operation back in the year 1965 intending to export authentic surgical equipment at a reasonable rate. The company succeeded in establishing a robust customer base by catering to the needs and expectations of its esteemed clients. It is currently one of the top OPD Instruments Suppliers in India. They focus on manufacturing items that are free from damage.

Avishkar International Pvt. Ltd has introduced OPD instruments that have unique attributes including optimal reliability and uniformity. They take pride in being one of the established OPD Instruments Suppliers in India.

The products of Avishkar International Pvt. Ltd are designed out of top grade materials using state-of-the-art technology. At Avishkar International Pvt. Ltd, OPD instruments are carefully monitored on different parameters to ensure it is free from flaws. It is one of the best OPD Instruments Suppliers in India to rely upon.

Some of the popular OPD instruments available at Avishkar International Pvt. Ltd are discussed below:
  • Automatic Traction Machine:- It is a user-friendly device that features a 0-30 minutes timer and patient safety switch. Automatic Traction Machine is best suited for lumbar and cervical treatment.
  • Bipap Machine MC:- This device comes to the aid of patients suffering from respiratory diseases. A major highlight concerning Bipap Machine MC is that it helps in the improvisation of various treatments considerably.
  • Portable Digital Ultrasound Doppler:- Portable Digital Ultrasound Doppler is a convenient mechanical device that has an ultrasound frequency range of 2 MHz.
  • Digital Blood Pressure Monitor:- Digital Blood Pressure Monitor consists of a smart sense automated blood pressure monitor that can be tied around the wrist. It automatically shuts down when not in use.

OPD instruments are specialized equipment that is perceived as the initial step in carrying out a surgical process. Today, there are wide ranges of tools available that are exclusively designed for certain surgeries.

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are quite a few that are commonly used by professional doctors like a thermometer, Tounge depressor, b.p. apparatus, etc.

Tounge depressor is yet another instrument that is meant to reduce the tongue for examining mouth and throat. A sphygmomanometer which is also known by the name blood pressure monitor is a medical device that is primarily used to measure blood pressure.

Unlike other OPD Instruments Suppliers in India, Avishkar International Pvt. Ltd is a company that manufactures authentic medical products at subsidized rates. If you are searching for a reliable OPD Instruments Suppliers in India, then it is better to approach this company.