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Standard Model

This magnifier has a large sized (130 mm  diameter) specially designed precision lens that gives 4X area magnification without any chromatic or spherical aberrations over the entire field of view, thus providing perfect strain-free vision. The lens provides bi-ocular vision with depth perception and comfortable 250 mm working distance underneath, thus providing for ease operation under the lens.


A 22 watt circular fluorescent tube housed in a tough ABS shed around the lens provides light that is shadow less, glare free, cool and of daylight color, thus providing perfect illumination for all
operations under the lens.

Versatile Stand:

Easy positioning of the lens / light module at any point in any orientation is made possible by a well-balanced stand with feather touch movement that has a reach of 900 mm from the base. This provides  perfect ease and flexibility in operation. Every component is specially engineered to provide trouble-free functioning and long durability under tough working conditions.


In addition to careful engineering of each component the unit is specially designed to provide a pleasing and an elegant appearance. The components have perfect finish in combination of chrome and matched pastel shades.

Delux Model

In addition to all the features available with Standard Model, the Deluxe Model offers some special features, making it the finest available illuminated magnifier. Given below is a brief description of these special

Features :

1) The lens is made of the finest quality optical glass giving crystal clear view with the object being seen in its true natural colors.

2) This 4X area magnification lens has a large rectangular size (170 mm X 105 mm) specially designed for giving perfectly strain free vision with both eyes. This enables continuous viewing for long hours without any fatigue whatsoever.

3) The entire spring balancing mechanism of the magnifier is built inside the magnifier’s body, thus providing some unique advantages:

  1. Most pleasing form and aesthetics.
  2. This unbroken external surface can be provided with highly durable surface finish, thus ensuring that the unit retains its aesthetic appeal even after several years of heavy duty usage.
  3. Also, because of this enclosed construction this model is the ideal choice for use in highly corrosive or humid environment.

4) This model’s enclosed construction is particularly amenable to Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Proofing, which is mandatory in certain sensitive applications such as in electronics and explosives industries.

5) This model offers both shadow less as well as directional lighting modes. Although in general shadow less illumination is preferred – there are many applications (eg. study of minute surface defects) where directional illumination is essential for highlighting defects and other features of interest.

6) Since the lens is held in a slim (but tough) edge from the front side, the user does not lose eye-contact with the object under view when switching between direct and magnified view.


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