Microscope Binocular Labtech (LABTECH)

Microscope Binocular Labtech (LABTECH)


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VIEWING HEAD: Binocular eyepiece tube providing bright images rotatable through 360° inclined at 45°. Having adjustable dioptric scale from +5 to -5 with graduations at intervals of one diopter. The intraocular distance is variable from 54 to 74 mm to suit the observer.

FOCUSING MODULE: CO-AXIAL focusing, with slide traveling on ball bearing guide ways for friction-less motion.

STAGE: Horizontal, mechanical stages of size 140mm X 140mm approx: with fine Vernier graduations [least count 0.1 mm]. Clamps are provided for positioning of the specimen. The stage travels on ball bearing to allow smooth travel over an area of 76 x 50mm.

NOSEPIECE: Quadruple revolving nosepiece with positive click stops provided with ribbed grip for easy rotation mounted on precision ball bearing mechanism.

OBJECTIVES: Achromatic quadruple objectives 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x oil immersion spring-loaded wide field.

EYEPIECE:  High quality paired achromatic 10x & 15x and in-built pointer.

SUBSTAGE: NA 1.25 focusable with rack and pinion arrangement Condenser is complete with lens & Iris diaphragm. The microscope has a swing out filter holder and removable blue filter. It is compatible and supplied with a Plano-concave mirror in fork mounting.

ILLUMINATION: Microscope is be equipped with a high intensity compact light source with a field diaphragm to enable Koehler illumination with halogen lamp of 6V 20W with built in on/off switch and light Intensity regulator.

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